In-Line Lubricators and Filter Lubricators

Heavy duty IN-LINE LUBRICATORS to be installed 6 - 8 feet from the tool. Designed for use with tools being used too far away from the compressor to be lubricated by a permanently mounted unit.

Can be used on anything from an air scribe to a paving breaker.

IN-LINE FILTER LUBRICATORS have a 40 micron filter to keep foreign matter out of the valve assembly, reducing down time and preventing costly repairs.

All tools have a metering valve for adjusting oil flow, plus a sight disk in the housing to visually inspect the oil level

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Item: Description:
TX-0LIn-Line Lubricator 1/2 BSPF 42ml
TX-1LIn-Line Lubricator 3/4 BSPF 111ml
TX-2LIn-Line Lubricator 3/4 BSPF 330ml
TX-3LIn-Line Lubricator 1" BSPF 480ml
TX-OL-FIn-Line Filter Lubricator 1/2 BSPF 42ml
TX-OL-F- 200840 micron bronze filter to suit TX-0L-F
TX-1L-FIn-Line Filter Lubricator 3/4 BSPF 111ml
TX-1LF-201340 micron bronze filter to suit TX-1L-F

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