MagHold™ Extendable Arm

MagHold Extendable Arm

Position and hold steel stock in welding and fabrication.

  • Telescoping mounting bar adjusts from 178 to 254mm in length.

  • Loosen the center joint in the mounting bar to “fold up” the MagHold™ for different workholding configurations.

  • Adjustable magnetic v-pads at each end hold stock of different shapes: round, flat, angled.

Part No.                                     Max. Pull Force                   Weight                     


8 kg


*Magnetic force is based on the longest side of Magnet with 3/8″ thick steel.

Item: Description:
MHF608MagHold™ Extendable & Flexible Arm 2 Vee Pads Stronghand

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