Pipe Alignment Clamp

NEW Pipe Alignment Clamp

With Quick Acting Lever

The New Pipe Alignment Clamp with Quick-Acting Screw is a fast, accurate fit-up clamp with a rugged frame for use in the shop, or at the job site.

Get a well-balanced hold on the Pipe Alignment Clamp with the two wide Grip Plates while pressing the Quick-Acting Button. The threaded screw smoothly glides up and down for fast jaw opening and clamp removal after welding.

The long life clamp is made of double-walled powder coated steel. Align pipe for joining pipe to elbow, pipe to tee, or pipe to flange.

Two Sizes, Three Simple Instructions


Part No.





2” ~ 6” (50 ~ 152 mm)

11 lbs. (5 kg)



4.5” ~ 12” (114 ~ 305 mm)

17 lbs. (8 kg)


Item: Description:
CPA60Clamp Pipe Alignment 50-152mm STRONGHAND
CPA120Clamp Pipe Alignment 114-305mm STRONGHAND

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