Polishing Compounds

(Suggested Usages)

PCBRL - Non ferrous & plastics - soft metals ie alum, brass, copper, diecast - combined cutting & finishing. General purpose use with stitched rag or loose leaf ncalico buff.

PCGY - Fast cutting for polishing steel & stainless - use with stitched sisal buff. Also used to cut back light scratches. 

PCWH - Fast cutter for all metals - use with sisal buff for cutting then calico for finishing.

PCGN - For mirror finish on all metals when using calico mops.

PCBLS - Fine finish for non ferrous metals - for high gloss polish use loods leaf calico buff.

PCBB - Fine finish for non ferrous metals.

PCUN - Liquid polish for metals, plastic and stone.

Item: Description:
PCBRLPolishing Compound - Brown
PCGYPolishing Compound - Grey
PCWHPolishing Compound - White
PCGNPolishing Compound - Green Rouge
PCBLSPolishing Compound - Multishine
PCUNPolishing Compound - Liquid
PCBBPolishing Compound - Tripoli Fine

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