Wad Punch

Made in Germany - Wad Punches are designed to cut discs of gasket paper or leather

They are most commonly used to create washers by first cutting a disc with a larger sized wad punch and the centre hole with a smaller sized punch

They can also be used for cutting accurate holes in cardboard, rubber, leather and other soft materials.

Precision machine ground hardened & tempered, powder coated finish.

Conform to DIN 7200

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Item: Description:
WP02Wad Punch 2mm
WP03Wad Punch 3mm
WP04Wad Punch 4mm
WP05Wad Punch 5mm
WP06Wad Punch 6mm
WP07Wad Punch 7mm
WP08Wad Punch 8mm
WP09Wad Punch 9mm
WP10Wad Punch 10mm
WP11Wad Punch 11mm
WP12Wad Punch 12mm
WP13Wad Punch 13mm
WP14Wad Punch 14mm
WP15Wad Punch 15mm
WP16Wad Punch 16mm
WP17Wad Punch 17mm
WP18Wad Punch 18mm
WP19Wad Punch 19mm
WP20Wad Punch 20mm
WP21Wad Punch 21mm
WP22Wad Punch 22mm
WP23Wad Punch 23mm
WP24Wad Punch 24mm
WP25Wad Punch 25mm
WP26Wad Punch 26mm
WP28Wad Punch 28mm
WP30Wad Punch 30mm
WP32Wad Punch 32mm
WP33Wad Punch 33mm
WP35Wad Punch 35mm
WP38Wad Punch 38mm
WP41Wad Punch 41mm
WP44Wad Punch 44mm
WP48Wad Punch 48mm
WP50Wad Punch 50mm
WP57Wad Punch 57mm
WP63Wad Punch 63mm
WP69Wad Punch 69mm
WP70Wad Punch 70mm
WP73Wad Punch 73mm
WP75Wad Punch 75mm
WP82Wad Punch 82mm
WP100Wad Punch 100mm

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